Moscow Dairy Industry Forum success

DeLaval`s Hamra 3D videos were a highlight of the international dairy industry forum held in Moscow from February 3 to 7.

The videos compare dairy farming in France, Brazil, the United States and New Zealand, and were followed by live commentary from three Russian DeLaval customers. The differences between tied up and loose housing, grasslands or mega dairies stimulated a lot of interest. 

The goal of the conference was to modernize dairy production in Russia. It covered aspects of the full dairy cycle “from cow to consumer” discussed at DeLaval`s Hamra 3D conference in 2003, while the final day was at Barybino farm, a showcase for DeLaval equipment. 

DeLaval CEO Joakim Rosengren was a key speaker on the opening day, with several DeLaval dairy experts contributing in the following sessions. International speakers included the President of the International Dairy Federation Philippe Jachnick and Dr Michael Griffin of the United Nastions` Food and Agriculture Organisation, while industry experts, Russian academics and research scientists were well represented. 

The international exhibition presented the entire technological cycle within the dairy industry, including the most advanced technologies of production, packing, transportation and sales, while the scientific and practical side of the conference dealt with a wide range of issues around milk production and processing, improving milk quality, the introduction of modern technologies, dairy cattle breeding, standardization of milk products, partnerships with retail chains and more. 

More than 300 participants from all sectors of the dairy industry attended the forum, which was hosted by the Russian Union of Dairy Enterprises, working in close partnership with DeLaval. It was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Health Ministry of Russia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, Gosstandart of Russia, the Moscow Government and the Moscow Regional Government, ASSAGROS, the National Fund for Consumer Protection, SPPI and the Union of Cattle Breeders of Russia

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