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DeLaval delivers 700 VMS systems and launches VMS version 2004

DeLaval is the undisputable world leader in solutions for dairy farming. As of March 2004 DeLaval has delivered 700 VMS systems. This confirms that modern farmers have understood and are benefiting from the automatic milking system. In many European markets the dominating solution is already an automatic milking system. To cater for these customers` needs and expectations DeLaval is constantly upgrading the VMS system. Now the time has come to launch the latest version, the VMS version 2004. 

VMS version 2004 is equipped with a number of new and improved features to save more time, labour and money whilst improving milk quality. New integrated software has been developed for more efficient cooling. The system automatically adjusts the cooling based on milk volumes delivered to the tank making sure the milk keeps the right temperature at all times. There is also a built in unique functionality that can help prevent both contagious and environmental mastitis. 

The feed dispenser makes sure that there is less risk of feed carry-over to the next cow. It also reduces the risk of cows blocking the milking station and preventing the next cow to enter. This feature greatly increases the capacity of the system.

New milk meter software ensures a more accurate detection of abnormal milk making sure there will be less false alarms and fewer cows on the divert list.

 All in all these new features will allow for more time and freedom to do other things. Or as Joakim Rosengren, CEO of DeLaval International puts it, “With growing demands on animal welfare, milk quality and milk production productivity we firmly believe that VMS is the answer to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We are committed to provide dairy farmers with solutions that give them control over their business and equally important, their lifestyle. Today a farmer with a DeLaval VMS can rely on technology to achieve a more flexible schedule for social activities and family life.” 

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