DeLaval unlocking the future of integrated dairy automation

The future might be hard to predict but less so the challenges dairy farmers will face in the next 20 years. Integrated automation will further shape the future of dairy farming and today DeLaval revealed the three key areas that will unlock great new possibilities for the industry.

Those three areas are: automated milking systems for big farms based on the existing VMS solution; total herd management control and monitoring of cow and herd levels based on biomodels; and smart automated feeding systems adjusting feed rations to maximise profit per cow and reduce feed cost.

Our vision is an on-farm integrated system where we can apply even further automation. We know that the farmer needs to boost profit, milk yield and quality, and reduce feed and labour costs. Our goal is to contribute to the peace of mind for future generations of dairy farmers,” DeLaval Vice President Product Area Milking Systems Andrew Turner told dairy reporters at the company’s model Hamra Farm, 40 kilometres south of Stockholm.

The overall integrated system will not only analyse and present data to farmers, managers and advisors, Turner explained, it will be based on biomodels capable of estimating risk of diseases and generating prevention and proposals for action. This system will be available both on-farm and remotely.

Our key focus is boosting profitability, milk quality, lifestyle and animal welfare altogether,” Turner concludes.

High feed prices, manual labour limitations and management control of bigger herds are risk factors for many. Rising demand for more and higher milk quality are challenges for dairy farmers, a result of the world’s growing population. Also critical is the need to secure permanence of generations to come by offering real solutions for a freer lifestyle. Finally technology can facilitate rising profits while reducing effort and the environmental impact.

The Future enters your farm, brings you full control

What do we envision if we look 20 years into the future of dairy farming? Centre of stage is a fully empowered farmer -a freer farmer accessing real-time data on reproduction, udder health, feeding and energy balance as well as milk analyses and traceability. We see trucks without drivers and automatic milking parlours. Along with smart feeding systems rebalancing rations (for nutrients, pH level, heat stress, etc.) and robots taking over the heavy and strenuous labour, like manure handling.

We have 125 years of experience helping dairy farmers around the world address the complexity of one of the hardest jobs there is. We are developing the solutions to continue influencing and shaping the future of dairy farming,” DeLaval Regional President Europe and SANZA Jan Ove Nilsson told a news conference.

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